good grief, indeed

Have you ever listened to the soundtrack of the TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas? I don’t mean on the TV, while watching the show. (If you’re like me, you’ve watched it every year since the mid 1960s.) That’s good of course, but I downloaded the complete remastered album from iTunes recently. It is so much better unedited, the original full length songs.

I was making a DVD of family Christmas photos from the old days, and the music suited it well. I listened to the songs repeatedly, but not very carefully. Tonight I have the album on my iPod, just listening. This music is terrific. Clear, skillful jazz. If you like a good jazz trio, head over to the iTunes store and check it down. The album is only about 8 bucks.

What about the videos I made? Well, they’re on youtube, but they’re private. I have a hunch that publishing photos of my family in their Christmas morning PJs, hair uncombed, etc., would finally earn me that a—kicking I’ve so richly deserved for so long. Wouldn’t be prudent, is my point. 

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  1. Kyle, we have that CD and it is a christmas favorite. Really beautiful music. For awhile during December I used to play it in my therapy office waiting room. Every single client remarked on how hearing it opened them up in some way.

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