Thinking is Overrated

When I think about writing something, sometimes I think about the results that might or might not result, instead of the opportunity to explore. I think about whether it seems like a good idea.

I can understand that kind of thinking if there was some investment involved, like lumber. If you’re making chairs or birdhouses, maybe you should have a plan first. But creative writing doesn’t work that way. Not well. Well, maybe if you’re writing a novel … but even that is exploration.

Tonight I’m going to watch TV from 8:00 – to 9:00, then turn off the tube. From 9:00 – 11:00, I’m going to write something.

Results be damned.

By the way, still liking DarkRoom here.

1 thought on “Thinking is Overrated

  1. Amen to this – I have seen some friends get very stuck in the merry-go-round of whether something will sell, or whether agent will like it, and imo, both of these things are deadly to the creative process – but even more so to the deep, unconscious part of ourselves that yearns to explore and puzzle something out. Hope your two hours of exploration were wonderful!

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