Pondering Heaven


Check out this comic (click to enlarge) …


Which set me to pondering:

If we plan go to Heaven, and we subscribe – as I do – to the hope that we will find our departed and much loved pets there … Are there puppies poopin’ on the pearly passageways? And if so, who cleans up the poop?

Sure sure, it’s easy to say that spirits don’t eat and excrete in yon Spiritual Realms; that we are, hereafter, purely consciousness, not corporeal. But it’s just as easy to envision an Afterlife in which I’m wielding a silver pooper scooper for all eternity. If so, is that heaven, or some other place? 

1 thought on “Pondering Heaven

  1. Somehow in my idea of the next place, there is no poop detail at all. :)I love the idea of all the animals I have known and loved being there – what a pack it will be!

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