What but design of darkness to appall?–
If design govern in a thing so small. [link]

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. …Welcome back. There were a few changes while you were gone.

Alex: Hey dad, there’s a strange fella sittin’ on the sofa munchy-wunching lomticks of toast.
Dad: That’s Joe. He lives here now. The lodger, that’s what he is. He rents your room.

Oh I do amuse myself. A bit of the old Robert Frost, and lines from A Clockwork Orange. That (1971) movie nearly ruined Beethoven for me. And milk. And spaghetti. But those are other stories.

I gave the old blogywog a touch of minimalism, which I hope makes it ever a bit more readable. Which is no guarantee that next week there won’t be a background of lumbering elephants and flatulent flamingos.

If you don’t like the new design, feel free to click here and say so.

Isn’t the plumage beautiful?