bread and apples

To kick off my flash fiction project, and to inspire myself, I completed a flash fiction piece this week. It’s called The Morning Wind. You can download it here, or on the Flash Fiction page.

Click here to read or download The Morning Wind (PDF).

You must read the piece, which is less than 2 pages, in order to learn what is meant by the term, “bread and apples.” Yes, it will be on the test.

The piece is complete in itself, and I hope you like it. But my friend Erik gave me the idea to try writing 2 companion flashes, one before and one after The Morning Wind. Expand it in both directions.

I think it’s an excellent idea, and we’ll see what comes of it.

2 thoughts on “bread and apples

  1. Thanks Joseph. I really like that piece because it's so spare, yet for me it says a lot. "You dead moon" is correct. He's calling her a dead moon. I guess on cable TV, he'd say "You cold bitch," but we transcend.

  2. Flash fiction—at first I thought you has used a Flash program to crate some animated thing. I get it now. Nice little piece of flashing. Reminds me of a short story by TC Boyle called Swept Away from his collection, Tooth & Claw.The lines are sharply draw without being cut. One sentence: "You dead moon." Was that supposed to be "your"? A terrific place to begin as indeed, the morning wind comes up amid the resonant alternate meaning of mourning.

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