bowl of enlightenment

First, wash your bowl, then enlightenment.

I didn't post anything for a few days. Maybe I wanted to give you, Peaceable Reader, a little time to digest my last post, Portrait Of An Art. Which should have been titled Portrait Of The Art, alluding to James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, but for a misspeaking on my part.

Perhaps I was looking for a good way to present the cartoon above, only to remember that I already posted the best joke that would go with it. 

Naw, Actually, I did post something last night, briefly. I received a glossy propaganda mailer from Venoco's Ministry of Truth, and made a little video of it being fed into my shredder. I posted that, then took it down.

That ain't higher mind, you know? Sophomoric petulance doesn't serve the cause of critical thinking. So let's move on.

What's that you say? Your inner 9th grader wants to check it out? Naw, it's really pretty stup … seriously?

Oh well, alight then, if you're sure. Promise you'll still respect me in the morning.