das boat

Ever wonder why the castaways on Gilligan’s Island didn’t fix the boat? It had a hole in it, but it wasn’t destroyed. They made huts and stuff, all sorts of gadgets – even a bamboo car – but they never bothered to try to patch up The Minnow.

I spotted this cool bit over at Boing Boing, on he themes and symbolism of the show:

“Without benefit of any huge bureaucracy or powerful tribunal, the castaways principally live in peace. More important than any traditional codification of laws is simply their collective treatment of one another. …The peculiarities and blunders of each inhabitant are admitted and tolerated. Their differences are simply noticed and granted — not violently opposed.

Even this lofty theme is not the primary thesis. … The most remarkable message of the tale lies in the paradox of the concentrated lust of the castaways — their burning desire to go back. Back to a time and a place that is more familiar and romantically remembered as "better."

The tragedy of the tale is not that they can never go back. The real affliction is the wish itself. They are all so preoccupied with the notion of going back that they never realize they are already in paradise.”

It’s true, they never do get off the island, though they might have if the show hadn’t been cancelled after 3 seasons.

So it goes.