Have you seen that new show, Sliced? It’s on the History Channel. This guy uses power tools to slice things open and see how they work. Tonight I flipped by, and he was dissecting one of those arcade games with the claw that comes down and grabs the toys. There’s one in a Denny’s about 20 miles from here. He showed how it’s rigged using a compressed air regulator to control the grip of the claw. You don’t have a chance, kid.

Wouldn’t it be more reasonable just to use screwdrivers and wrenches to dismantle stuff? Yeah, but it would be as much fun; it wouldn’t be made for television.

So here’s what I’m thinking about: what would I like to slice apart with a huge circular saw. Hmm. It would have to be something I’ve never taken apart to repair before. Well, I’m thinking one of these.


An essentially unoffending mechanism, in the right hands. In the wrong hands, extremely annoying. the same could be said for one of these.

STIHL S295E001  4CDS

But I’m told that chasing one of these down and chopping it up, while satisfying, interesting, and arguably justified, is illegal everywhere but Texas. There, they have a “he damn sure needed killin” defense to homicide.

So, what would you like to dismantle today? Here’s a little movie inspiration for you. (Language alert.)

Hey, I wonder if the guy who invented those arcade games is still around, and whether he likes baseball and rap.

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  1. Dick Chaney. can we cut him in half with a giant circular saw and see what makes him tick? might be pretty scary though. thanks for posting the Office Space clip, i've always loved that scene and i haven't seen that in a while

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