the best site on the net

is Wikipedia. I love it, use it almost every day. Tonight I wanted to learn a little about the annual life cycle of grapes (who doesn't?) and look at this.

I remember when my curiosity would have required a trip to the library at least – maybe to the main branch in Santa Barbara. There would have been several large, heavy books involved, a notepad, maybe a Xerox machine. It would have taken a couple of hours to find what I found tonight in less than a third of a second.

Google says: Results 110 of about 1,490,000 for annual process for grapes. (0.29 seconds) 

Actually, my Dad knows some stuff about the topic, and Mom probably does too. They grew up in the San Joaquin valley. But let's say their knowledge is understandably not this … encyclopedic.

Anyway, I think Wikipedia is fantastic. Yay for technology!