blogger got cooler

Is cooler the right word in that context, meaning more cool? … Dudn’t matter.

I got an e-mail from Blogger a couple of days ago, and I just got around to reading it. They have a new template designer for Blogger blogs like this, with a vast shipload of new templates, layouts, and designs. I’m trying it out. You may see Metaphor adopt a few different designs in the coming days. Or not. It depends on how funny the commercials are, since that’s when I redesign the blog.

When these guys are on, forget about it.

Trouble seeing the video? Click here.

If you’re a Blogger blogger and you want to check out the new toys, go to, select Layout then click Template Designer and you’re good to go.

Yep, your e-mail subscriptions – and there are 3 times as many of you as the last time I checked [woohoo!] – are still good.

E-mail subscribers are reminded that the e-mail is a simplified samplification of the blog. Click the links in the e-mail to get Metaphor in full color blogovision.

Starting tonight, one can also follow Metaphor on Twitter, though I can’t say why you’d necessarily want to. The option was there, it’s free, I clicked it. Besides, President Barak Obama is following my tweets, so I must be all that, right?