bloody vikings

I’ve been getting too much spam in Metaphor’s comments lately. To me, too much is any at all. It shall not stand.

I have 3 choices: limit who can post comments, moderate comments before they appear, or ask commenters to fill out one of those word verification forms.

I’ve tried blocking anonymous posts, but that confronts some real people. I’m already moderating older posts.
Before I go to moderating all posts, let’s try the word verification thing. I know, I don’t like them either. So let me know if it’s really annoying, OK?  You can send me an e-mail if that’s easier.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful, if not sunny, weekend.

Update: On second thought, I’m going with moderated comments. I visited some of my favorite blogspot-hosted blogs today and that’s what many of you are doing.

So fire when ready.