first thoughts on posterous

I started using Posterous yesterday to post stuff. It’s a blogging site. I like it.

Wikipedia explains: Posterous is a simple blogging platform  started in May, 2009 funded by Y Combinator. It boasts integrated and automatic posting to other social media tools such as Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook, a built-in Google Analytics package, and custom themes.

Right. So I can post stuff to Metaphor, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, etc. all by e-mail. I can post to one or some or all with one e-mail.

This is useful because I don’t have to hobble all over the place, launching text editors, tweaking fonts and paragraph breaks, etc. It’s really easy, and it works great. Plus it creates an additional blog called Kimberlin’s Posterous, which combines all those things I’ve shared.

I have hit a few snags. First, when I post to Facebook, it creates a simple post and puts it right where it should be. But if I have included a link, such as, that link is not an active hyperlink. You cant click it and go. I guess you’d have to type or paste it into your browser. I sent an e-mail to their Help desk about this, so we’ll see.

I thought I would have a problem with the tags I use on Metaphor to create groups of posts with the same general topic, such as poems. There’s no way to specify a tag in the e-mail I use to post. And if I open the post on Blogger to add tags, it would create a lot of formatting work. But I learned that when I go to the list of posts on Blogger to edit, I can add tags any time, without opening the posts. Cool.

Lastly, there’s no way to add the “read more” break I like to put in long posts. That was something I really wanted, and Blogger finally added it. So that will get some thought.

So far, so good.