OpenOffice: fubar is down. Offline. And redirected. They just released an upgrade, which I was going to download tonight. I guess I’m not. The text that’s there doesn’t even say it’s OpenOffice, it says:

“CollabNet is currently down for scheduled maintenance.
As part of CollabNet’s expansion and improvement plan, we are upgrading the space in our datacenter to help better serve you as our customer. CollabNet is making improvements and expansions to the network, power, and the overall infrastructure of our datacenter space.
The maintenance is scheduled to conclude at 7:00AM PST Saturday morning. Please check back later.”

Who the heck is CollabNet? And why are they parked like a 75 Chevette on the OpenOffice site? I found CollabNet on Wikipedia, and it looks like they have some relationship with open source, which may explain something.   Tomorrow is cool. If it said OpenOffice is currently down… I’d have no complaints. But to take down a major site, with no mirror, and no splash to hold it’s place and confirm the URL and destination, is profoundly unprofessional.

I was really hoping I could escape the hamster wheel of MS Office this year, but Oracle bought Sun, leaving OpenOffice’s future uncertain, and now this. Disappointing.

2 thoughts on “OpenOffice: fubar

  1. Yeah, the hoopleheads had it back up this morning. I figured they would. I just thought it was stupid of them not to properly identify the site they were working on.

  2. I've managed to slide past the CollabNet's page to the OpenOffice page and am currently downloading the 3.2 version thereof. I've never bought MSOffice, and so I need OpenOffice's suite to open many MS items. I'll let you know what transpires.

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