size matters

Imagine packing for a weekend trip. You get your suitcase down from the closet shelf and start with the living room furniture. In goes the sofa, the piano, then the kitchen appliances. You’re going to need a toilet and a tub, the TV set.

Imagine you sit down for lunch, order a turkey sandwich, and the waiter brings an 18 pound Butterball and 2 slices of bread.

That ain’t right, right? No no, your stuff needs someplace to stay, while little bits of it go out into the world. … A nice slice of turkey, a little lettuce, etc., and you’re good until dinner. Maybe a nice apple. I like a crisp Fuji apple in the afternoon.

I do not require the entire tree.

Now imagine you log-on to your e-mail and you’ve received an e-mail that’s 2000 times larger than the average message. It contains 48 high-resolution photos of puppies and kittens, or tigers breast-feeding piglets, satellite views of the Grand Canyon.

Maybe somebody thoughtfully served up an entire oven roasted TV commercial attached right to an e-mail.

If someone does that, you have to download it. And your computer has to open and display it. And then, if you are like me, you want to keep it. Forever, because it is so cute, moving, interesting, etc.

I remember years ago, an email was 3, maybe 7kb, and there was a limit of maybe 100kb, then a megabyte, 5mb … When the limit for most ISPs hit 20mb – 20,000kb– I thought Well they’ve opened the floodgates now. We’re gonna drown.

Just as we don’t need the whole turkey in a sandwich, we don’t need to send our entire vacation in an e-mail. There are Web sites such as YouTube, photobucket, flickr, snapfish, skydrive, and picasa (Google photos) that are just made for us.

Why? Because over the weekend I freed up a gigabyte of e-mail storage, held hostage by such loveable and precious internet banality.

I’m not talking about e-mails with a photo or a few. I deleted 150 e-mails which were using up enough space in my G-mail account for over 100,000 messages conveying the textural expression of human thought.

We’ll deal with the details later. I just want to say put the turkey on the table and we’ll carve it up and share.
From this night forth, let it be known that Metaphor supports and encourages the use of online storage for large-scale file sharing, and of e-mail as the vehicle for sharing what’s stored there.

If you don’t know how to make use of the free and easy sharing sites, such as those named above, well … stay tuned. If you do, well what were you thinking?

We could just post this and share it on Facebook, but let’s pack the equal of several large Web sites into an e-mail and send it to Kyle. LOL. That’ll keep him busy. 


  “If your Snark be a Snark, that is right:

Fetch it home by all means—you may serve it with greens,
And it’s handy for striking a light.”
               — Lewis Carroll

By the way, that talking baby commercial is not in this blog post. It’s resting at YouTube. It’s just linked here. And you can put the internet address of a photo or a video into your e-mail, and it will appear there without needing to upload it on your end or download it on the other end. … Like I said, stay tuned.