netbooks vs ipad

42 Reasons Why Netbooks Are Better Than the Apple iPad

Just in case you were looking for the list.

Personally, I don’t like either. Some things are fine miniaturized. But others are really better full scale.

Keyboards. Talking about keyboards here. I saw a gentleman in the coffeehouse today, squinting away at a tiny Sony Vaio, while hovering his hands, one at a time, over its cutesey little keyboard. Wouldn’t be good for me.

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  1. great list! i have a Netbook that i bought for when i travel and don't want to tote the Mac Book Pro around. it's an EeePC, has a 250GB HD and 2GB of RAM, a full-sized keyboard and all the stuff the list talks about. it's fast, runs smooth and hasn't crashed on me yet. it's running XP Pro (still my favorite OS). and after tax, i paid $280 for it. we're talking out the door. $280. sure it has a cheap plastic case, but for that price i figure that if i drop it, i can replace it six times over before i reach the cost of a iPad. as cool as the iPad looks, i think it's gonna bomb.

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