I forgot to watch the state of the onion tonight. I was doing other things, left the TV off, and forgot all about it. Now I have to find it online, read it in the paper, or something. It’s like football; if it’s not live, it’s not the same.

I’m sure the speech shares other attributes with contact sport, but let’s not digress.

I blame Yahoo. They used to have a feature in their TV listings that created a reminder in my Yahoo calendar, and I wouldn’t forget things I wanted to watch. Not only did they lose that feature, but they failed to keep Yahoo calendar up to par. So now I use Google’s far superior calendar, and I forget to watch stuff, see?

Did he say anything hopeful? Cheering? Reassuring?

No we can’t, not anymore? We thought we could but we were purblind stupid to a man? … Don’t tell me. If I didn’t watch it, I don’t have to know, right?

1 thought on “dagnabbit!

  1. I watched it, all except the first fifteen minutes of the broadcast, which consisted of Obama's gladhanding down the aisle to podium. Why do we have to see that every year? Can't they just give us stock footage? The speech was a letdown, in both style and substance. Yes, some high-flown oratory, but I expected that. Yes, a few decent ideas, but ditto. But nothing fundamental was articulated or envisioned. I'm confirmed now in the belief that Obama is a politician and nothing more. I mean nothing more.

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