7 is up

Well it took hours – most of the day when all was said and done – but I finally got it done. I have upgraded my desktop computer to Windows 7. So far I like it better than Vista. It’s cleaner and leaner, and access to files seems more thoughtful and organized. Love the new desktop functions.
I didn’t need to an upgrade; the computer was running fine. But 7 was part of the package when I got the machine last summer. I just had to wait for the software upgrade to arrive. Then I put it off until after the holidays.
I spent the first couple of hours this morning backing up my 33GB of music and podcast files to my laptop, just in case everything when to hell in a bucket. I started the actual upgrade at 11:45am, and finished about 2:15. It was a smooth process, but not without stress.
There were several points at which parts of the operation showed a certain percentage complete, and the percentage didn’t change for several minutes. This made me worry that it had ground to a fatal stop. Certainly, that’s a metaphor of something.
After everything seemed to be done, I was testing my scanner’s function with Photoshop’s Import feature, when the computer simply shut off. The screen went black and the monitor said I’m going to sleep, Stupid. But that was nine hours ago, and it hasn’t happened again.
My old trusty Office programs, in particular Word 2003, seem to work great in Windows 7, as many online said it would. I’m pleased: I won’t need to spend money on a new Office suite in the foreseeable future. As it should be. I think when you buy a Microsoft Windows computer, it should come with Office, not that half-baked Works or the even worse Wordpad.
Which is why I’ve been so drawn lately to the free OpenOffice suite. And why I’m spending time getting to know it, even learning to customize it a little. I like that’s it free, it has everything I need except sometime to built web sites with – like MS Publisher, FrontPage, or Dreamweaver. And even though it’s free, you’re always getting the latest version.
So it goes.