You hearin’ me, Horton?

Some people have told me that they like to read the blog, but they forget it exists. Fair enough. The tubes of the Internets are big.

To celebrate the New Year, by acknowledging that I need to learn something new every day, I have added new functions to the blog.

Now you can now get all this metaphorical goodness delivered right to your e-mail in-box, automatically, each time I post. [Sound of riotous applause.]

Subscribe to Metaphor by e-mail.  

Maybe you are someone, like me, who uses a feed reader to subscribe to blogs. Metaphor can do that too.

Subscribe to Metaphor using a reader.

You say you’d like to decide later? Cool. There are links to subscribe in the right column, and in the footer of the page. They look like this.

Thank you for your support.