invisible ink

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.

    -Vladimir Nabokov

So how was your weekend? Didja get your Christmas cards done? Watch some football? Watch the rain or the snow or the small animals out foraging for noms (goodies)? It’s all good.

I was just surfing around some Google results a moment ago and saw this: “Atheists who will take in your pets after The Rapture.” Wow. I didn’t follow the link, because I’d rather just ponder that for a minute.

First of all, every pet I’ve ever had was a better Christian than I am, so I’m not buying the premise of them getting left behind. Next metaphysical speedbump please.

I had a pretty good weekend I guess. Saturday was rainy, which was wonderful. I got a lot done over the 2 days. Christmas lights are up on the condo.

OK, that was last year, but not as far as you know.

I played around with some software over the weekend, which is a lot of fun. This time it was mostly MS Word. Sure I’ve been using it for years, professionally. But it’s one of those programs that’s so layered and intense that you can always learn something new, or find some things you want to tinker with.

Went to the gym twice. We have a nice gym here in Carpinteria. Just the right size for the town, and today it was practically deserted, which is always nice.

I did some writing and totally reorganized the files for my novel. Draft 5 now has 33 chapters and over 100,000 words, all nice and orderly. Then I started a story for children. First effort in that genre. It’s called Jasper’s Rainy Day, and it’s about a little dog who accidentally escapes from his yard on a blustery day, and the adventures he has. It’s pretty fun writing, because it really makes you focus on simple declarative sentences.

 Jasper doesn’t mind the rain, because he has his own little raincoat. It is blue with a white stripe down the side. His mommy puts it on Jasper before he goes outside. It keeps him dry. It keeps his fluffy fuzzy white hair clean.

See? … See ya.