Brazilian Mint Tea for Pain

The tea doesn’t taste much like mint -­ more like sage, a plant in the mint family ­- but it seems to work as well as aspirin to relieve pain, at least when tested on mice. The mint tea has been used in Brazil for centuries to treat headaches, stomachaches and other minor complaints. To learn how it might work, a research team at England’s Newcastle University first studied the traditional method of preparing Brazilian mint (Hyptis crenata) tea for medicinal purposes. This involves boiling dried leaves for 30 minutes and allowing the concoction to cool before drinking it. When tested on mice, the tea proved as effective for treatment of pain as a synthetic aspirin, Indometacin. The investigators are now planning clinical trials to see how well the potion works for pain relief in humans.[Link]

I have questions.

Why test it on mice? It’s tea, not a cytotoxin, for crapsakes.

How do you know when a mouse has a headache, and when he feels better?

Are the human trials going to involve exposure to Sarah Palin YouTubes? You could control headaches in me with that. Turn it off, and I’ll bake cookies for the mice to go with their tea. Though I suspect they might prefer a nice chamomile, which would probably be just as good for a little headache.