No Exits

“My heart only has entrances. It doesn’t have exits. Whoever enters remains there. Whatever he may do, I love him the same as I loved him when he first entered into my heart. I pray for him and seek his salvation.” [Link]

I was just thinking about this the other day: that sometimes it seems love turns out to be temporary, and it has always seemed so strange to me. This was written by an Orthodox monastic elder, and has a Christian context, but my own consideration of it is more pedestrian. How is it that friends drift apart, that intense romantic relationship break up? Even marriages end, after years. How does the heart go cold?

Maybe it’s our misbegotten tendency to judge others, not just harshly but at all. Maybe we expect other people to make us happy, the way we expect our toys and money and food to make us happy, instead of vesting our happiness in the only place where it has hope to live.