something new

I’m trying out a new blogging tool, and this is a test post.

Windows Live has a blogging tool called Live Writer. I just read about it in PC World magazine, and thought I’d try it out.

So far, it looks pretty cool. But I haven’t figured out how to insert a split post. That’s important to me, and the button to do it is on the tool bar, and I read the instruction in help, but the button is dead. That would be a deal breaker.

There’s really not much going on around here tonight. I guess the kids are trick-or-treating. They’re being quiet about it. I’m a single guy who needs to keep candy out of his life, so I don’t get involved. I used to hang out at my folks’ place while the kids were out and amuk, and made it my task to look after the dogs. But they’re all in doggie heaven now, so I stayed home tonight. I’ve got a movie to watch.

Well, I’ve typed a few paragraphs and the split post button still won’t work, so I guess this software isn’t ready to go. I checked out forums for it, and the answer isn’t encouraging. Seems the new split post functionality of blogger isn’t playing nice with livewriter yet. So I guess I’ll uninstall this thing and stick with posting at blogger. Bummer. It’s fun to play with.