the venturi effect

I have noticed something which may well be proof of the paranormal right here in the hermitage.

On windy days, the water level in my toilet goes down.

Really. This is not a joke and I’m not making it up. The level in the bowl today is distinctly lower than normal. It’s always and only the case when the wind is up. If you’re expecting a photo or video as documentation, you’ll be disappointed. Some matters simply range beyond the imperatives of the empirical. I feel no mandate to offer proof. You may believe or not as you wish.

I have no personal explanation for this; even an intellect as encyclopedic and erudite as mine lacks the reach of this phenomenon’s portent. 

Thankfully, we have at easy reach the vast and trivial tubes of the Internets. Truly, nothing is too bizarre that somebody online hasn’t pinched off a piece of it. Behold, the mystery is laid to rest on Yahoo Answers. 

The Venturi Effect – I do so love Wikipedia.

Strange but true. And you learned about it here on Metaphor.