zoom in docs

I like Google Docs. I use it pretty often for notes, lists, etc. I don’t use it much for serious writing because it lacks many of the advanced features of software like Microsoft Word. And usually, when I upload a document I’ve formatted in Word, all the line breaks, paragraph indents, and other formatting is vaporized. Not cool. But the whole idea of cloud computing, and becoming less dependent on files and software on one’s own hard drive, intrigues me.

Fiddling with Google Docs last night, I decided one of my least favorite things about it is that there’s no  zoom in function. I usually have to zoom in to 125% to 150% in Word to keep from going blind while I write.

I found a work-around, when it suddenly dawned on me that you can always zoom in on any Web site, and that’s what Google Docs is.

I use Firefox. To zoom in and enlarge the text on any page, you press Ctrl and +. To zoom out, press Ctrl and -.  In other words, press the plus (+) or the minus/dash (-) key while holding Ctrl.

Sometimes it’s also good to get toolbars and stuff out of your way, to concentrate on what you’re writing, right?

In Google Docs,  go to full screen and hide the g-Docs toolbar by pressing Ctrl shift F.

To full screen your browser window and get everything out of your way, press F11.

Now you’re one rung of the tech ladder closer to the clouds. And since you’re connected to it now, you can watch a bunch of geeks talk in the cloud, about the cloud.