I’m aggravated

I’m consternated, peeved and aggrieved. I shall not head to the thesaurus to explore further how much I’m just … grrr.

First of all, I was sitting under a pine tree this afternoon, and it took a poo on my head. I guess it bled. I got sap in my hair. It bugged me for a couple of hours, but when I got home I forgot about it for a while. Now I need a late evening shower before bed. I’m not in the mood.

Also, I’m frustrated to the end of the block and back by Blogger. Sometimes, I want to post something here that’s longer than a few paragraphs of quickdraw drivel. Maybe a bit of story, you know? But I don’t want to post it all together, because maybe you’d like to read a little and decide if you want to move on to something else, or read the post.

So I could push a button right here, and you’d have a link to read the rest or skip on happily downward. 
[Follow-up to this post]

This is an option in other blog platforms; for instance, WordPress has it. I have a WordPress blog. Their functions are pretty cool. Static pages, post excerpts … sweet. I could move this blog there in about 10 minutes. But I like my blog here on Blogger. Except for this one little function, I have it just the way I want it. So I tried a big nasty html work-around with the template code, which used to work, but it doesn’t.

Blogger upgraded their compose functions recently. Why didn’t they just add the old split post thingy and we’d have it? Grrr. 

I’ve been playing around with creating longer things in pdf or html pages, or using WordPress just for longer posts, and it’s the kind of time-wasting crappity crap that can waste vast tracts of sanity.

Heads up and fair warning: this blog might move. If it does, there will be a link here for you to click, until you get around to changing your bookmarks.

OK, I gotta go wash my hair.