Finding Oakland Online

I’m pleased to say, in the spirit of digital storytelling, that my my ancient and venerable book of poems, Finding Oakland is now online. It’s posted in .pdf format, so all you need to read it is Acrobat Reader. Both the book and the reader for it are free.

The book is also free from the anachronistic and persnickety constraints of traditional copyright. I want to get it into people’s hands again, or at least in front of their eyes. And no more trees need to die in the process. So it’s covered by a Creative Commons license.

Read it in your browser, download it to your hard drive, pass it along to your friends, as attachment or link. 

You will be seeing more of this little book here on Metaphor. My plan is to share one of the poems, individually, every few days over the coming month or so, to examine and discuss its creation, and the changes in poetics for me since that time.

The reason for this, other than I think I would find it interesting, is that I’m editing newer work in preparation for a public reading in the near future. So a redux of this old stuff might make a nice creative harmony.

More on that reading, very soon.

Click on the book cover, here or in the right column. If that gives you trouble, here’s a little URL: