Looking for Words


I should stand up
and move about the house
looking for words.
I could, and leave you here
among the books,
but I know I would find
as always, clock, glass, rag,
wood, window, hot night
glowing with trouble.
Oh, that one is new.

I ought to remain, alone,
drinking water, worried
about weather, street, darkness,
madness, fuel,
because in moving,
stirring air, shifting light,
waking shadow,
I might never find peace.

Second Draft

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2 thoughts on “Looking for Words

  1. I move with you, Kyle, line by line, the sense of place that exists within place emerges layerfully and I don't leave without.Better tab this one for the upcoming reading. 🙂

  2. It's nice seeing your poems here again – and seeing you over at camera-obscura.

    This poem in particular I feel very familiar with – and you capture it perfectly.

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