Have a Nice Day

I went out to do some shopping over the weekend, which is something I do absolutely as seldom as possible. I noticed, because it’s hard not to, that all the customers and cashiers were insisting that one another “have a nice day.”

I don’t get it. There is a whole lot of grumpiness and discontent out there. It’s not just that most of the people who are being asked to have one, and are implicitly agreeing to do so, are failing to have a nice day. It also seems like one would have to be having a half decent day in order to be going around admonishing others on the matter. So is civilization awash in rampant and manifest hypocrisy?
Let me be the one to buck the trend and break the spell. I’ll do the world a favor and not necessarily have a nice day; at least, not without a damn good excuse. I’ll just try to get through it in one piece and not hurt anybody else. I shall scowl if I must, but wait for the lights to turn green. I’ll hold the door a moment for those with their hands full. And if I see somebody actually having a nice day, especially if they’re not trying to get me involved, I’ll resist the temptation to kick their ass.

It’s the least I can do. And I think it was Kahlil Gibran who said something about living in such a way that others will never say you didn’t do the least you could do.

1 thought on “Have a Nice Day

  1. LOLOL


    ". . . live in such a way that others will never say you didn't do the least you could do."

    Love this. Having it tattooed on my forehead this very afternoon. Backward, of course.

    Yad ecin a evah!

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