How to Leave a Comment

Bloggers generally like it when people leave comments. It’s called external validation, and it’s not necessarily a good thing. Here’s a snippet of psychology textbook effluent to give you a general idea.

… self-esteem is how you regard yourself (or how you appear to regard yourself) regardless of how this view was cultivated. … Psychologists believe that a “self esteem” that depends on external validation of the self (or other people’s approval) … external validation [is] “pseudo self-esteem” … “true self-esteem” comes from internal sources, such as self-responsibility, self-sufficiency and the knowledge of one’s own competence and capability to deal with obstacles and adversity, regardless of what other people think.

Right. So here’s how you leave a comment on the blog, so I know what other people think.

  1. Click the link that says 0 Comments at the end of the post. If it says something besides zero, someone has already left a comment. Click it anyway. This just means we’ve all tumbled down a rabbit hole.
  2. Type your comment in the field that appears. Be as brief or effusive as you like, I suppose.
  3. When you’ve finished, select one of the identity options. If you don’t have an ID like those listed, just choose Name/URL. You can type in your first name only, and leave URL blank if you don’t have a Web site you want to link to. 
  4. Click Publish Your Comment.
  5. Go have a cup of coffee, and pretend I bought it for you to show my appreciation.

Finally, look at the first image above again. See the little white envelope next to “0 Comments?” If you click that envelope, you can easily e-mail the blog post to a friend, or someone you believe is in need of punishment for some reason. It’s cool to do that.