where the wild things may be, indeed

Publishers Weekly reports on a new project for Dave Eggers, whose book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, amazed the hell out of me, a few years back.

One of the more significant and highly anticipated literary collaborations of recent years isn’t even a book—it’s a movie. Where the Wild Things Are, based on Maurice Sendak’s classic picture book, is slated for major motion picture release in mid-2009. The collaborators on the screenplay are director Spike Jonze and author Dave Eggers, though the pair consulted with Sendak throughout the screenwriting process. And the film will carry a blockbuster of a tie-in—and it’s not the book the film is based on: it is a solo novel, written by Eggers (working title: The Wild Things) inspired by Sendak’s iconic tale, to be published by Ecco Press.