you will be happy

to know that years after I misplaced it, I have finally recovered my copy of Wild Palms by William Faulkner. I found it today as I was straightening some books. It has been missed. Like most of Faulkner’s novels, it begins in a way that draws you in, like being rolled up in a great, rich carpet.

Click the image to see the first page.

This book contains the very famous line, “Between grief and nothing, I’d take grief.”

3 thoughts on “you will be happy

  1. Through the cooling yet still mild early evening of late summer bearing upon autumn, with the air from the barely open window freshening and smelling of the sea and the freeway he sat and considered a brief reply to those posts on his blog which he rekoned might merit one or for which one might be expected, since for such comments many bloggers before him and yet to follow might have made a reply, though few such men or women even would counted the value of their time so inscrupulously as to attempt such an answer in a longwinded, verbose mockery of the style of Faulkner, until at last he succumbed not just to his own limitations, which were formidable, but to his indifference as well, knowing that no such endeavor of philosopher or fool could withstand his inexorable yearning for supper.

  2. I’ve never cracked a Faulkner. But I too see what I’ve been missing. Note to self: library!

  3. It’s been a while since I cracked a Faulkner. Thanks for presenting this page. I see what I’ve been missing.

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