a pressure front moves through

Wow, that was a hell of a day yesterday wasn’t it? I’m still decompressing. I mean the resignation of Gonzales, who has defiled our national community for too long, and the guilty plea of Vick, who has defiled what it means to be a man.

I am letting my resentment go. I reached up and handed it to the last full lunar eclipse of my lifetime, and Luna was big enough to handle it. Also, I went swimming this afternoon. That always helps, as does riding my bike. It’s them endorphins.

They said on the TV that the next such eclipse will be 2058, three years before my 100th birthday. While I’m hopeful that recent improvements in my health and lifestyle will have beneficial effects, I’m skeptical of 51 more years. So it goes.

I’m reminded of a little line from the writer Anne Lamott:

“A hundred years from now? All new people.”

That’s OK isn’t it? You and I won’t give a shit, we’ll be doing something else.

And speaking of the moon and green cheese, here’s a pale green Luna Moth, at the recent Butterflies Alive exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in SB.

Peace, sleep well, and don’t worry about that 100 years thing. We have tonight, if not tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “a pressure front moves through

  1. Moths give me the creeps. The next total lunar eclipse visible throughout most of the U.S. is on 2/21/2008. The mysterious "they" strike again.

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