I’ve still got it on my mind that I may have to abandon this blog in hopes the other one will survive. It’s not getting hits, and creative writing is what I care about, far more than politics or social rhetoric.

I can be terribly indecisive. I am aware that it can be annoying to the point of homicide. Have you ever been stuck in a restaurant with some guy who just won’t put down the menu down, and the server keeps coming back, “Y’all need a few more minutes? I’ll come back” But you know it’ll be 20 minutes.

Just pick something! Get a sandwich! It’ll all be shit in an hour anyway!

It’s basically the same here, and I know it. It just doesn’t matter!
It just doesn’t matter!
It just doesn’t matter!

Do I even need to do anything? About anything? Should I do something, or just wait and see?

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
— Andy Warhol

Perhaps this line from the movie Hook is more appropriate. Capt Hook is about to give Peter Pan’s son Jack an ear piercing, with his hook: “Now laddie, just lie your head like so and don’t move. ‘Cause this is really going to hurt.”