“We’ve been tracking Cindy Sheehan for a long time, and we think it’s disgusting that she’s capitalizing on her son’s death,’ said Stephanie Hottenstein of Bethlehem. The wife of an Army National Guardsman was accompanied by her 5-month-old daughter, Karlyn, and 6-year-old son, Miles.” Link

Please take a moment and look around you, so you’ll know exactly where you were when you read the single stupidest thought uttered aloud by a private citizen of these United States in the year 2007. I’m wagering it can’t be topped.

I wouldn’t have thought Cindy Sheehan needed to be tracked. She’s been kind of on the visible side, from my perspective. So we’ve all been able to see the fun and profit she’s gained from her son’s death. Oh yeah, her life’s a damn hoot.

For the record, I checked the list of dead, and Hottenstein’s husband isn’t on it yet. Maybe we should check again later, and after he makes the list, she can give us her opinion again. Maybe she’ll have something to say about dead hubby. Or maybe Miles would like the war to stop so other kids don’t lose their Dad. Then some poor pitiful moron can criticize him for capitalizing on his father’s death.

I did find this:

Sheehan, Casey Specialist 04-Apr-2004

The font is pretty small, for obvious reasons. There are a lot of names, amounting to a lot of grieving people out there, capitalizing on death dealt entirely in vain.