quick, cue osama!

So I was out for a bike ride late this afternoon, and stopped by my folks’ place, where Dad had the tube tuned to CNN. They were serving up footage from NYC, of the steam explosion and resulting chaos therein. I watched, thinking, “I’ll bet folks thought that was Al Qaeda for sure.” Can you say flashback? That segment of the news ended, and who should appear on the screen, but Osama Bin Laden. In all his bearded, flat screen glory. Arch nemesis extraordinaire.

So they’re showing me an explosion – which was not terrorism – and they’re showing me a terrorist. I’m sorry, but I think that as deliberate manipulation. Somebody is taking advantage of the situation, and I’m not buying coincidence. I picture somebody at the White House feeding them the fear, and they’re spooning it out for the rest of us.

Tough luck, media asshats. If you’re playing mind games with me, you’ll have to play harder than that. We play all all four quarters at this level.

2 thoughts on “quick, cue osama!

  1. I really don't like the feeling when someone or media deliberately tries to manipulate me but it seems to me its our obligation to ourselves to be aware of the "sell".By the way, the explosion was steam pipes from 1924. When we neglect the commons, give massive tax refunds, that's the norm.

  2. Trouble is, Kyle, not all viewers are as discriminating as you. I'll bet most NASCAR dads got the message, bigtime.

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