cookie monster

Cookies for peace:

“Members of the peace group Stop the War Machine are no strangers to Sen. Pete Domenici’s office in Albuquerque. But they’re usually bearing protest signs, not cookies and flowers.

So activist Jeanne Pahls took a few precautions with the two dozen roses and three dozen store-bought cookies they dropped off on July 10 to thank Domenici, an Albuquerque Republican, for his break with President Bush over the war in Iraq.

‘We left the labels on the cookies so they wouldn’t think we tampered with it,’ Pahls said, laughing.”

Now there’s an idea I can sink my teeth into.

He said, laughing.

Actually, I don’t know. I think the gesture was extremely well intentioned. And I’m all for flowers in gun barrels, and taking the argument to a more humane and thoughtful level. But should a legislator really get cookies – or a brownie medal – for finally pulling his head out of his ass and breaking his complicity with chaos and disaster? I think the people can do him a sugary solid by sparing said plentiful posterior when the revolution comes …

… to a polling place near you, is what I meant.

He said, no longer even amused.

2 thoughts on “cookie monster

  1. That photo of the youth placing a flower in the Guardsman's rifle barrel–in icon of the sixties/seventies. I believe it happened at the People's Park demonstrations in Berkeley, but I'm not certain. Do you know, Kyle?

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