made men

When I first saw the title of this column by William Rivers Pitt, “Was Commuting Libby an Impeachable Offense?” I thought “Bah, that’s like accusing Genghis Khan of littering. Who cares? Bush is prosecuting a personal war, at unimaginable expense, just for kicks and profit.” But then I read the column and found that it poses a very interesting issue:

Libby’s legal defense from the first day of his trial was that he was a fall guy taking the rap for others.

Fitzgerald pointedly stated that the details surrounding Libby’s actions put a cloud of suspicion over Vice President Dick Cheney.

Combine these two details and you wind up with Libby standing as a patsy taking the rap for Cheney.

Bush has the constitutional power to offer commutations, of course. But if this commutation was granted to Libby in order to derail a criminal investigation, if it was granted to cover up prior or ongoing criminal activities, that is itself a crime meriting the impeachment of George W. Bush.

Of course, the dunderheads democrats on capitol hill will never see this light. I suspect that if Bush nuked a major US city, then headed off to the ranch to clear brush, and Cheney got Halliburton on the line to start failing to rebuilding Ground Zero, the democrats might hold a news conference. Patrick Leahy would deliver a tersely worded statement. But they do not want to impeach George Bush. They want him right where he is, so he can play their MacGuffin through the ’08 elections.

Fahgeddaboudit. Deys untouchable.