since when?

It seems ol Vlad The Propeller Putin is p-o’d at US over a planned missile defense system in Europe. Since when do we have a working missile defense system? Last time I checked, that stuff doesn’t work yet.

Talk about a tempest in a teapot. Putin’s threatening to vaporize millions of innocent people because he’s afraid of boogie man that doesn’t exist. He’s as crazy as the Shrub.

Why, you ask, do they call him Vlad the Propeller? Good question. I don’t know, but Shrub reportedly just calls him Beanie.

3 thoughts on “since when?

  1. Yes, but what about my cool Photoshop trick? I need a couple brownie points for puttin a prop on putin.

  2. The latest on the missile defense system came about two weeks ago. The target missile that was supposed to be shot down didn't work. I'm sure that the test was called a huge success by the Defense Dept. After all, the target missile did not get through the missile defense system.

  3. My take on the "new cold war" is aligned with (believe it or not) Pat Buchanan's, who blames the neo-cons (and Bill Clinton a bit too) for insisting on encircling Russia with NATO-expansion nations and most recently of placing missles on its neighbors' soil. Lately, too, Bush/Cheney/Rice have ramped up the attacks on Putin's internal control, as if the US hasn't enacted similar laws since 9/11. In my view, and in Buchanan's, it seems like the folks in power in the US lately just can't stand to not have a vehicle for producing fear and, most importantly, weapons.

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