in hot water again

Last night, I posted about my hot water heater, and I said there was a point to the whole story which had eluded me. It goes that way sometimes; I probably killed too many brain cells, reading Heidegger in college. But I have good news.

This afternoon, I drove over to my folks’ house, to see whassup and play with Happy. On the way, I stopped at Radio Shack to get a battery for my garage door opener. (I’m sure you can picture my abject disgruntlement at having to get out and open the door last night, in the bitter cold, when the stupid thing died.) And that’s when it hit me. The point, I mean.

See, a few days ago, I wrote up a list of goals and needful things for 2007. And right there at #4, under double pane thermal windows for the condo – you guessed it – new water heater. So now I get to cross that off my list, and it’s not even mid-January yet. Chalk up one for inscrutable fate.