meanwhile, back at the ranch

Our own fearsome leader is finally showing the inevitable signs of the stress of his office.

It’s a phenomenon that I’ve been noting with interest for many years, that the presidency takes a heavy toll, and makes a man look older. The only president in my lifetime that didn’t look a little thrashed by the pressure of being The Decider was John Kennedy, only because he was assassinated while he was still pretty young. And even so, he had severe back pain, having been injured in WWII.

Mr. Bush has been the exception until recently; he’s been so healthy and physically unfazed by the rigors of power that it was a little twisted. He doesn’t look like a mountain biker now though, does he? So all of you who feel the nation, perhaps the world, have been royally hosed by this man’s poor judgment can take a bit of solace, knowing that maybe he’s not just steeped in ignorant bliss. Perhaps it’s dawning on his subconscious that his legacy is going to hell on horseback.

3 thoughts on “meanwhile, back at the ranch

  1. He's aged only chronologically. Certainly not in wisdom or justness, as will become clear when he reveals to us his "new way forward" in Iraq. It will be the same old Bush, or rather the same peurile pedant Bush, calling for more troops and more money to be thrown into the gore.He just looks like shit now, and as your grandma used to say, Shit looks as shit does. (Paraphrasing, of course.)

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