the results are in

First, you need to know that the ultrasound machine does not, it turns out, play The Dead. Guess that would just be too ironic.
They didn’t find any actual stones in my gallbladder, which is good. But I got sludge. In my gallbladder . Seems this is the stuff that turns into gallstones. Playdoh that’s still in the can. 
So I don’t need surgery, at least not now. Wait and see. What will be. Que sera sera.  Doc says I should consult with a specialist — just in case, I guess — and I’ll think about that.
Gotta really really watch what I eat. No fatty foods.
Doctor says there’s no medicine for this. But I did some googling and found a drug that’s used to prevent gallstones in people who are obese and losing tons of weight. Sounds like the stuff I need, doesn’t it?
Anyhoo, the fat lady ain’t sung yet, so to speak, so we’ll see.
This post didn’t turn out to be about what you thought, did it?